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OralpathDx® is a revolutionary software tool for health care providers to aid in the analysis of oral lesions and abnormalities you see in your patients almost every day. Through your professional observation and patient interviews this software effectively leads you through the process of analysis, and helps you quickly identify probable causes of what you are seeing. It has been carefully designed and reviewed by experts and practitioners like you. They are people who have years of experience and who understand the importance of making well-informed and timely decisions for the well being of their patients.

What are some of the features of this revolutionary tool?

Oral Pathology Diagnostic Software Symptoms

Oral Pathology Diagnostic Software Symptoms Screen
  • A thorough evaluation of oral lesions, such as surface lesions (white, pigmented, vesicular, ulcerated, verrucous and papillary, etc.), masses, developmental anomalies, and radiographic anomalies.
  • A ranked probability listing of the analytical results.
  • Short and succinct texts of ranked diseases for quick evaluation.
  • Representative photographs of many lesions.
  • Recommended general diagnostic and treatment procedures for ranked diseases.
  • Drug therapy information.
  • Analysis reports for patient chart documentation and for laboratory submittal if a biopsy is obtained.
  • Ability to upload and save a photograph of your patient’s lesion that will appear in the report.
  • Recording of patient harmful habits and current medications.
  • Helpful reference material.

These features make OralpathDx® a practical everyday necessity, and essential for health care providers looking to better serve their patients.

How important is this ground-breaking oral pathology tool for you? More importantly, how important can OralPathDx® be for your patients? When help is needed in forming a good differential diagnosis, this resource can prove to be indispensable. Once you try it, you will wonder how you did without it.

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