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Dr. John M. Moffat, founder of OralpathDx oral pathology diagnostic software Dr. John M. Moffat

Professional Resource Systems, LLC is the creator of OralPathDx®, a computer and Internet aid for differential diagnosis of oral pathology. We are a company dedicated to helping health care professionals more quickly and accurately diagnose, and properly treat oral diseases.

Our mission is simple, “Help make forming an oral pathology differential diagnosis, fast, easy, and accurate for the health care professional.” This mission was envisioned and lead by Dr. John M. Moffat, having deep concerns about his patients and how he could best serve them. Realizing the difficult and time consuming process needed to do proper research and analysis of oral pathology, it became quickly apparent that a resource tool was needed to help in forming good differential diagnostics. As a result of his own frustration with the slow and arduous process, and a desire to make it faster, easier, and more accurate for health care providers, the concept of OralpathDx® was conceived and the resource tool developed.

Tapping into the minds and resources of many highly skilled professionals our company created OralPathDx®, a computer and Internet aid for assisting in the formation of a differential diagnosis of oral pathology. In line with our mission, we are a company dedicated to helping health care professionals more quickly and accurately diagnose and properly treat oral diseases.

This product is a revolutionary software tool for the dental clinician to aid in the analysis of oral diseases. Through professional observation and patient interviews this software can effectively assist in identifying diseases. It has been carefully designed and reviewed by practitioners like you. They are people who have years of experience and who understand the importance of making well informed and timely decisions for the well being of their patients.

Take a look at some of the contributors and endorsements of this must have tool.

Stuart C. White DDS, PhD
Professor Emeritus
UCLA School of Dentistry
ORAD, Radiographic database

Raymond J. Melrose D.D.S.
Professor Emeritus, Former Head; Dept of Oral Pathology
USC School of Dentistry

Sompid Kintarak D.D.S.
Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist
SUNY at Buffalo and Prince of Sonqkla University

Faizan Alawi D.D.S.
Assistant Professor
Department of Dermatology, Section of Dermatopathology
Hospital of University of Pennsylvania

Carla H. Penner D.D.S.
University of Minitoba
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Medicine
Department of Pathology
Manitoba, Canada

John M. Moffat D.D.S.
General Practice, Woodland Hills, California
GPR Residency, Veterans Administration Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah

Elizabeth M. Martens RDHEF
West Los Angeles College
Culver City, CA

Kitrina G. Cordell, DDS, MS
Associate Professor
Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
Louisiana State University School of Dentistry

Kevin Mossman D.M.D.
Implant Research Fellow, V.A. Medical Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Clinical Consultant; General and Implant Dentistry

Dr. Ricardo Urzua Novoa
Professor of Radiology
CAS-UDD Dental School
Santiago, Chile

Mojgan Shokri D.D.S.
General Practice, Woodland Hills, California
MS, Pharmaceutics

Dr. Alexandre Khairallah
Oral Radiologist, Oral Surgeon
Fellow of the European Academy of Dento-Maxillo radiologist
Head of clinic, Lebanese University Beirut, Lebanon

Dr. Kaustubh Sansare, Associate Professor
Dr. Freny Karjodkar, Professor
Dr. Darshana Patil, Resident
Oral Medicine and Radiology
Nair Hospital Dental College
Mumbai, India.

Dr. Irene Gabriela Bruno
Buenos Aires University, Faculty of Dentistry
Professor of Radiology
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Johan K.M. Aps, Professor
Head of Dental & Maxillofacial Radiology
Coordinator Postgraduate Teaching in Dentistry Ghent University
Senior Clinical Consultant Ghent University Hospital, Dental School

Dr. Ulkem Aydin, Associate Professor
Department of Oral Diagnosis and Radiology
Baskent University Faculty of Dentistry, Ankara, Turkey

Darryl D. Curl DDS, DC
Former Attending/Lecturer
Oralfacial Pain Center
UCLA School of Dentistry
Former Professor, Department of Diagnosis
LACC Whittier

The Professional Resource Systems Team

Dr. John Moffat is the visionary behind OralpathDx® and the President of Professional Resources Systems, LLC. Dr. Moffat is passionate about delivering the best patient care possible and believes that detection and diagnosis of oral pathology is an important part of that care. As described at top of this page, Dr. Moffat spent years researching and gathering input from the best and brightest in the field of Oral Pathology in order to create OralpathDx®.

Lynn Bosen, a retired aerospace engineer spent nearly a decade developing prototype after prototype leading to the current versions of OralpathDx®. Mr. Bosen, now deceased, served as Vice President of Software Development and as such he developed the methodology for translating Dr. Moffat's vision into a mathematical algorithm.

David Benning, Vice President of Internet Technology has been instrumental in bringing OralpathDx® to the web. Mr. Benning is an experienced businessman and engineer. In addition to his business acumen, he brings to the team his experience developing scalable and secure Internet solutions.

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