OralpathDx® Revolutionary Oral Pathology Differential Development Software

Dr. John M. Moffat, visionary of OralpathDx, a revolutionary oral pathology diagnostic program

The OralpathDx® differential development program is a powerful and accurate revolutionary tool for oral pathology. There are no other software programs in the marketplace that approach the analytical results and hands-on resource library provided by this program. This is an essential resource for today’s health care professional. OralpathDx provides the fastest and most accurate differential development for oral pathology available.

You, among thousands of serious health care professionals, can finally do time-sensitive research and analysis in a matter of minutes, rather than taking hours or even days to accomplish it as you have in the past. This tool is a must-have program for all health care professionals who diagnose in the oral cavity. Once you try it, you will wonder how you did without it.   Learn More »

Why is it Needed?

Disease Images

Early detection and proper diagnosis at your fingertips.

Using your skilled observation and answers to important diagnostic questions, as well as recording your patient’s personal habits and obtaining any needed tissue samples for microscopic examination, early detection and diagnosis of disease can be achieved. Early detection can mean less radical treatment, less suffering for your patient. This tool can eliminate hours of research in getting to that early detection and diagnosis, time that you don’t have to waste. Time that your patients are expecting you to invest in them.

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